Children of ankylosing spondylitis systemic symptom

Children of ankylosing spondylitis systemic symptom

อาการของเด็กที่เป็นโรคข้อสันหลังอักเสบยึดติด ankylosing spondylitis

high fever symptoms are phases.Chronic disease for low heat usually takes the symptoms, significant weight loss, the whole body is fatigue, muscle atrophy, many local with serious peripheral large joints, and joint axis, hip osteoarthritis symptoms in most see more.A few children have lymph node enlargement, mild or severe anemia.

happened only history of repeated episodes of iris inflammation, can last for years, early iris inflammation can be ankylosing spondylitis only performance, performance for unilateral jealous, pain, photophobia, and black Meng etc, can have eyes, involving heavy appear alternately, duration is commonly 4-6 weeks, iris inflammation usually without sequelae.

serious aortic valve closed not all were rare, individual ankylosing spondylitis have nonspecific block lesions.

spread the chest rib joint affect respiratory function.No serious patients with spinal involvement, the general effect of thoracic range of motion and breathe without change.

and onset form: the disease in older children, male more than female, men and women ratio is about 80%-90% of cases now, other than weeks joint, or as the main symptoms of infection attachment points and general with lower limb is given priority to, have lower back pain, morning stiffness, activities such as the limited symptoms or X-ray sacrocoxitis.Affected joint usually less than 10, few joint see more than many joints, often for one or not symmetrical.

peripheral arthritis: the performance for the single arthritis, few arthritis or attachment point inflammation, sustainable or repeated attacks months and years.More than 85% lower limb joints involved, upper limbs arthritis rare, few arthritis is usually unilateral or asymmetry, many joint general symmetry, for often misdiagnosed for rheumatoid arthritis. And the following disease identification:(1) children ankylosing spondylitis and children of rheumatoid arthritis identify: children of ankylosing spondylitis early clinical performance often meet children of rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis standard. But ankylosing spondylitis always have a positive family history, HLA-B27 positive, arthritis, joint hands with lower limbs as less involvement.We experience, and close examination double sacroiliac joints, such as tenderness, 4 words experiment and often the positive results; Attachment points for both the best identify disease, especially in full, knee weeks the place such as the involvement more meaningful.If three or five years appear joint axis performance, it is not difficult to diagnosis general.

the genetic differences: children of ankylosing spondylitis often SC42 single times type and G1o-1 b dialdehyd enzyme and adult-onset phenotype, a single times for SC31 type and G1o-2 b dialdehyd enzyme phenotype.2, clinical differences: children of ankylosing spondylitis, including sufficient with peripheral joints involved more;And the adult-onset including cervical, thoracic vertebra, square change, and vertebral bone bridge and bone into the joint axis involvement at more see. Children of ankylosing spondylitis sustained or repeated attacks of hip, knee, ankle and between toes arthritis is adult see more, need to do more also hip replacement. In addition, fever, anemia, such as interleukin increased is also see more children.

do not easily identify diagnostic rheumatoid arthritis.

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